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Breast Cancer Reconstruction and Its Options

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Breast reconstruction is an essential part of breast cancer surgery, and Oncoplastic Breast Surgeons such as Dr Yunaev play a pivotal role in its success. There are several types of breast reconstruction suitable for every woman, however, the final look will vary based on tastes and situations.

Read on to learn more about this procedure, your suitability and other helpful information to aid in your decision process. As always, a consultation with Dr Yunaev will be required as the first step before confirming if this is the right path forward for your needs.

What is breast cancer reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction is a general term for a variety of procedures available to create a new breast. The procedure can be performed with implants or with your own tissue. The best option for you will depend on the characteristics of your body as well as the type of treatment you’ve had for your cancer.

Types of breast reconstruction

There are several types of breast reconstruction offering various results, the most common of which being:

Implant reconstruction

  • Two-stage reconstruction:
    The process includes an insertion of an expander to stretch the tissues, followed by replacement with an implant at the second surgery.
  • Single-stage reconstruction:
    The direct to implant reconstruction uses an implant inserted in position at the time of the initial cancer removal operation. In some cases, a second small adjustment procedure may also be required.

Tissue reconstruction

  • Pedicled Flaps
    Tissue is taken from a particular part of your body and transferred to its new position in the breast.
  • Free Flaps
    Tissue is similarly taken from the sites above, with blood vessels severed and reconnected to new vessels in the chest.

Fat Grafting

Performed as a day procedure, transferring small amounts of free fat to rectify any defects, improve scar appearance and create a new shape for the breast.

Breast Cancer Reconstruction Options

A previous wide local excision with a patient now wanting a breast augmentation. The patient had a hybrid procedure of fat grafting and breast augmentation combined.

Undergoing a nipple reconstruction

Some women may be required to have their nipples removed as part of their surgery. This can be rectified as a day procedure, in which a new nipple is formed and once healed, the areola is tattooed.

Things to consider before undergoing breast reconstruction surgery

Before you decide to undergo breast reconstruction surgery, we recommend you consider the following points:

  • You may require more than one operation
  • Implants may not be a good option if radiotherapy is required as part of your treatment. Radiotherapy may cause the skin around the implant to shrink, creating a range of adverse effects

Are you a suitable candidate for breast reconstruction?

Those who may benefit from a breast reconstruction are free from any additional medical conditions or illnesses that can impair healing. You should have a positive outlook and realistic goals for the new look of your breast and overall body image.

Breast Cancer Reconstruction

It is important to have a positive outlook and realistic goals for the new look of your breast and overall body image.

What can you expect as the result?

Your procedure’s outcome will depend on your age, general health, and the size and shape of the other breast. Available body tissue can also be a significant factor in the options available. All of this will be looked at and considered during your consultation with Dr Michael Yunaev.

How much will a breast reconstruction cost?

The cost applicable to you will need to be determined after your assessment. As there are many different ways to perform a breast reconstruction, we will need to determine the path forward for you to ascertain the cost.

Our team will provide a full no-obligation quote after your consultation. This will detail all of the costs, so you can consider this, along with the information you have been provided about your procedure.

Why choose Dr Michael Yunaev?

Dr Michael Yunaev has a passion for helping women regain a sense of normality after cancer. A reconstructed breast is just one way to do this, but as a Specialist Breast (Oncoplastic) and General Surgeon, he has many years of experience and expertise in the field. An expert in implant reconstruction and various other types of breast surgery, Dr Yunaev is a master at a range of techniques and can help you feel more confident with a brand new look.

Options for Breast Cancer Reconstruction

Your procedure’s outcome will depend on your age, general health, and the size and shape of the other breast.

The next steps in the path of a reconstructed breast

As with any breast surgery, a consultation to understand your situation and examine the current state of your breasts is required. From here, we will explain the various techniques available to help improve the look of your breasts, the associated costs and any other relevant surgical information.

You will have ample time to ask questions about what is involved in the process of a reconstructed breast, to ensure you are comfortable with the techniques we are proposing before moving forward. It is our goal to help you regain your confidence, look and happiness in life, let’s chat today about beginning that process.

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