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This is a procedure that allows a video camera to inspect the hollow organs of the gastrointestinal system.  The camera is located at the end of long cord that allows an easy passage inside the hollow organs.

The objective of these procedures is to identify any abnormalities within the gastrointestinal system that may be causing symptoms experienced by the patient.  Furthermore, biopsies can be taken at the time of the procedure to help diagnose a problem.

Other common uses for endoscopy include interventional diagnostic and therapeutic procedures such as polypectomy (removal or biopsy of polyps), removal of blockages and foreign objects, controlling of gastrointestinal bleeding via a range of different techniques, insertion of stents for blockages, and for enteral feeding of sick patients.

There are 3 main types of endoscopy:

  • Upper Endoscopy often referred to as Gastroscopy
  • Lower Endoscopy often referred to as Colonoscopy
  • Middle Endoscopy performed by Push Enteroscopy or more commonly Capsule Endoscopy

Each of these procedures has their place in investigation of common gastrointestinal complaints such as heartburn and reflux, bleeding from the mouth or anus, anaemia, abdominal pain and malabsorption, foreign bodies and obstruction, weight loss and anorexia and exclusion of cancer.

After a thorough assessment of your symptoms we will be able to advise you the appropriate further investigation or procedure and discuss the pros and cons of these.


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