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Benign Breast Surgery Sydney, Bella Vista, Bowral

There are many conditions of the breast that are benign in nature but may present as surgical issues due to the way they present, grow or the symptoms they cause to a woman.

These include conditions such as:

These are non-cancerous benign tumours, that often present as a new lump in young women, less than 30 years of age. There are 3 reasons to remove them:

  • They grow quickly
  • They are getting large close to the 3cm or more
  • They are symptomatic, for instance painful and tender or aesthetically disfiguring
  • They do not predispose you to breast cancer
  • The reason to remove them is that sometimes a cancer can grow within them, within the tissue next to it, or sometime very rarely it can transform into a phylloides tumour, which also does need to be removed.


“Dr Michael is a Specialist Breast (Oncoplastic) and General Surgeon and is the Principal Doctor at Breast & Body Clinic. Dr Yunaev is a highly trained breast cancer surgeon in Sydney with extensive experience and passion for treatment of all aspects of Breast Cancer Surgery, Benign and Congenital Breast Disease and Aesthetic Breast and Body Surgery, as well as General Surgery.”



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