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Our Clinic represents an association of dedicated specialists providing a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment and support of patients with best of coordinated care to ensure optimal outcome.

Exceptional Patient Care is our mission and is of paramount importance to our team. We strive to ensure patients are given support and guidance underpinned by clear and accurate information, allowing them to be involved in and make informed decisions about their treatment.


MS (Breast Surgery), BreastSurgANZ Oncoplastic Breast Fellow, Aesthetic Breast and Body Fellow, FRACS (General Surgery), MPH, BMedSci (Hon)

“Our mission for every patient – whether they have been newly diagnosed with cancer or want to aesthetically improve their breast – is to use the most advanced technology to bring the very best possible outcome and patient care.  My team and I are committed to tailoring a personalised approach to you and your concerns, so that you may benefit from our expertise and we can meet your expectations.”
Dr Yunaev

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4 years ago
Opinion: Cosmetic surgery isn’t empowerment – it’s just an easy way to exploit women’s insecurities

Here is a very interesting article from The Independent discussing how the rise in body positivity is coinciding with an increase in cosmetic surgery.

Does it cross over into the women's ... See more

When we talk about these procedures as another way to achieve ‘confidence’, we’re ignoring the fact that it’s still, in many cases, just a convenient scheme to make money from female ... See more

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