Skin Cancer & Melanoma Surgery Sydney, Bella Vista, Bowral

Skin cancers including melanoma are the most common malignancy in men and women in Australia. As a result this is one of the most common surgical procedures that are performed by surgeons.

Three most common subtypes of skin cancers include Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC), Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) and Melanoma. There are also a number of other subtypes, which are not as common in clinical practice. Their names imply the cell of origin and which layer of the skin they arise from. They have variable malignant potential and consequences, but do all need to be addressed and should not be ignored.

The key information that a patient needs to know is that most of these cancers can be cured, but it does depend on the stage that they are identified and treated.

Mainstay treatment involves surgery, but this may be supplemented by radiation, chemo or other biological therapy, depending on the type of cancer and the stage it is detected at.

We implement all the latest techniques to achieve best outcome for you, including specialised techniques such as sentinel biopsy for melanoma (where lymph nodes are checked for metastases at the time of the removal of melanoma).

At your consultation specific details pertinent to your situation will be discussed and surgical and other options will be laid out. Our goal is to plan a treatment that will achieve the best oncological and aesthetic results for you.


“Dr Michael is a Specialist Breast (Oncoplastic) and General Surgeon and is the Principal Doctor at Breast & Body Clinic. Dr Yunaev is a highly trained breast cancer surgeon in Sydney with extensive experience and passion for treatment of all aspects of Breast Cancer Surgery, Benign and Congenital Breast Disease and Aesthetic Breast and Body Surgery, as well as General Surgery.”



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