Travelling patients

Dr Michael Yunaev is a highly trained and respected breast cancer surgeon in Sydney. As such, his regarded skills attract patients from interstate that travel to undergo a wide range of surgical procedures with Dr Yunaev. Breast & Body Clinic has developed the below guide to assist with the patients from different locations across Australia who are wishing to consult and have a surgery with Dr Yunaev:

1 – Book a phone / teleconference consultation

We understand that sometimes it is not viable for our patients to travel multiple times as part of their surgery process. To avoid patients having to travel from interstate to have a face to face consultation with Dr Yunaev, we have set up a phone / teleconference consultation model. This allows patients to have a preliminary assessment done, where Dr Yunaev can understand your needs and desires that you want to achieve with a surgical procedure and evaluate your suitability for surgery.

To book a phone consultation, you can contact us on (02)9819 7449 . International patients can contact us on +612 9819 7449.

As part of your teleconference / phone consultation, Dr Yunaev will require some photos to be taken to assist the assessment and procedure planning process. We will ask you to take the photos and send to us on Our practice manager will guide you in relation to those images, but ideally you will need more than one view of your concern area e.g. Front/Oblique/Side. Additionally, we will email you a patient registration form to be completed and returned to us via email or fax prior to your consultation.

2 – Select a date for your surgery

Once you have completed our initial consultation process and is ready to go ahead with your surgery, we will guide you through your surgical booking process. Dr Yunaev generally operates on Thursday each week. Once a date for the surgery has been booked, we will advise you when you should arrive in Sydney and for how long you will need to stay once the surgery has been completed. An accompanying person will be required to be with you for at least part of the period. In case you are not able to bring someone with you, please contact us in advance so we can organise for a nurse to be with you.

In order to book a surgery with Dr Yunaev, we require a payment of a non-refundable deposit to secure the date. Following to the surgical booking, we will provide you with our Breast & Body Clinic surgical pack. In this pack, you will find all the detailed information that you will need for your upcoming surgery. If you have any further questions after you receive your surgical pack, you can contact us on (02) 9819 7449 or via email on

3 – Organise Sydney accommodation

Our cosmetic surgery is performed at St Luke’s Hospital at Potts Point. We recommend Nightingale Apartments just next to the hospital as the preferred option for accommodation whilst visiting here for your procedure. For more information, please visit:

So you can plan your stay in Sydney, below is a sample of required times for a surgical procedure (the below is just an indicative and can vary depending on each patient’s individual needs. The exact times will be given to you upon surgical booking)

Sample times required in Sydney:
Breast Augmentation: Arrive 1-2 days before surgery date, stay 5 days after.

Breast Reduction / Lifting / Reshaping / Revision / Tuberous / Asymmetry: Arrive 1-2 days before, stay 5-7 days after.

Mummy Makeover: Arrive 1-2 days before, stay in hospital 3 days and a further 14 days in Sydney.

Liposuction: Arrive 1-2 days before, stay 5-7 days after.

4. Arriving in Sydney

Following the initial phone consultations you had with Dr Yunaev, he will see you in person prior to your surgery once you arrive in Sydney. This consultation is very important and will give you a chance to review the last details before you proceed with your operation.

Please ensure you follow all the pre-surgical recommendations given to you at the time of your surgery booking.

5. Surgery date

As part of our surgery booking process, we will inform you the time that you will be required to arrive at the hospital. At the hospital you will meet the anesthetist and other clinicians and staff members who will be part of your surgery.

A pre-admission appointment at the hospital is rarely needed, and it will only apply if there are significant health concerns flagged at initial phone consultation. If this is the case, you will may need to arrive a little earlier for that, but this will be discussed as part of your surgical booking process.
At the surgery day, you accompanying person will play a very important role. For day surgeries, you will need the assistance of your accompanying person to leave the hospital, as it is a policy of the hospitals that patients do not leave by themselves after undergoing general anesthetic. During your surgery booking process it is important for you to advise if you don’t have someone to be with you, so we can assist you organising a nurse to be with you.

6. Pos-surgery

Some procedures performed by Dr Yunaev will only require a one-day stay at the hospital, whilst other surgeries may require up to 3-4 nights stay at the hospital. Before you leave Sydney to return home, Dr Yunaev or one of our specialist nurses will see you for a postoperative visit, depending on availability. During this appointment we will go through with you all the details and all the important recommendations to follow after your surgical procedure. We will also arrange with you at this visit any other postoperative appointments that you may need after having surgery.