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Oncoplastic Breast Surgery: A Better Way to Preserve Your Breasts

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Oncoplastic surgery is an option for breast cancer patients with improved cosmetic outcomes. As an expert and passionate surgeon in this field, Dr Yunaev combines breast cancer tumour removal with cosmetic surgery techniques to create the best possible outcome for his patients.

Oncoplastic surgery provides confidence and peace of mind for patients who can have their cancer removed while preserving or even improving the physical appearance of their breasts.

Dr Yunaev works to achieve appropriate incision placement for both optimal oncological and aesthetic results. The goal is to reshape the breasts, minimising the effects of cancer treatment, which yields both physical and emotional recovery from the cancer journey.

Dr Yunaev uses a range of oncoplastic techniques to achieve both oncological and aesthetic goals of his patients.  Although there are a multitude of different techniques and these are chosen individually for each patient to suit their own circumstances, the most commonly used approaches by Dr Yunaev include a round block or racquet mammaplasty, breast reduction via various pedicles or bipedicles, as well as a range of local perforator flaps.  Here we will address a couple of the common procedures that are widely utilised to achieve great results.

Option 1: Round Block Mammoplasty

This process adapts a small breast lift technique for a breast cancer resection. Popular due to the good cosmetic results, the round block mammoplasty can be used in numerous types of breast surgery. It utilises a circumareolar incision to allow for best possible aesthetic results, whilst providing a good access for cancers in most quadrants of the breast.

round block mammaplasty

Round block mammoplasty produces a discreet scar and a more regular breast contour not typical of breast cancer procedures such as wide local excision (aka lumpectomy).

Option 2: Racquet Mammoplasty

This option is similar to the round block procedure but with added incision to the side of the breast to improve breast projection. This method uses two circular lines and a wedge-shaped incision after removal of the breast tissue. The incision lines and surrounding breast tissues outside the wedge are brought together; then sutures are used to re-centralise the nipple. The skin layers of the external circular incision are then sutured along with the repositioned nipple. This method is often used for cancerous lesions in the upper outer and lower outer quadrants, but it can be used for other quadrants as well.

racquet mammaplasty

The racquet mammoplasty method uses two circular lines and a wedge-shaped incision after removal of the breast tissue.

Other Techniques Used by Dr Yunaev

In addition to the methods mentioned above, Dr Yunaev will use various breast reduction techniques to resect cancer and achieve an improved aesthetic result. This is well-suited to women with cancer who are considering a lift or reduction anyway, as it can all be performed in one combined procedure with great aesthetic outcomes.

inferior pedicle mammoplasty technique

An example of the inferior pedicle mammoplasty process.

Local flap procedures such as AICAP and LICAP flaps can be used when appropriate to further the aesthetic results. These techniques use adjacent tissue to reconstruct the defect left by resection of the breast tumour.  It is a good way to maintain symmetry and shape of the existing breast and avoid adjustments to the other breast if these are unwanted in secondary procedures.

aicap licap technique

Local flap procedures such as AICAP and LICAP  flaps can be used when appropriate to further the aesthetic results.

Avoiding the Standard Wide Local Excision

This process is not commonly used by Dr Yunaev, as it gives no thought to the aesthetic outcomes of the surgery. This process often creates poorly positioned scars, divots and holes and in some cases, a deformity of the breast which is why the options above are favoured.

Are You Considering Oncoplastic Surgery?

Dr Michael is a specialist breast cancer surgeon in Sydney, highly trained with extensive experience and passion for the treatment of all aspects of Breast Cancer Surgery and Benign and Congenital Breast Disease. Contact him today to book a consultation for an evaluation and discussion about the best path forward for your needs.

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